Hail st Joseph, You wonderful foster and nursing father of JESUS, we dedicate ourselves today in a special way to You for time and eternity. We dedicate our Community to You and place it entirely under Your protection. Let Your blessing hands always protect us and all those we entrust to You.

We ask You for the grace of perseverance. Grant that we may share Your virtues. Preserve for us an intimate union with GOD. Teach us that prayerfulness, that profound humility of heart, that perfect compliance with GOD’s will, which You possessed in such a wonderful manner. Pray for us that we may be granted patience in adversity – an unswerving faith in GOD’s providence. Obtain for us an ardent love for Your foster Son JESUS and His most holy Mother, who both raised You to such a high level of sanctity. – Lead every one of us to great holiness.

Beloved father Joseph, protect us all in a special way and remain a good father to us. Amen!

St  Francis  of  Sales,  st  Catharine  of  Siena, st Brother An­dré, all You Saints who highly venerated st Joseph and all holy Patron Saints, help us to carry out this plan with joy and love so that the Community may grow inwardly and out­wardly.

Consecration Prayer