Membership Medal

A very kind gentleman had this medal custom-made in 1975, so it is a unique example. He has recently died and relatives of his have given me this very beautiful medal just like that, thus allowing it to take the path of its destiny.

I was very pleased to have such a memory of this person. Since I was wearing something sacred myself, I have kept the medal safely and actually forgotten all about it. As I was writing down the articles of the Lay Community, I knew that the members were to wear a sacred medal – blessed in a special way. Oh, then came the memory of this medal – I looked at it and found it wonderfully appropriate. I imme­dia­tely looked up an address where they could be stamped in large quantities. Now it has found its destiny. The late gentle­man will surely be pleased about it.

New Membership Medal
Membership Medal

New Stamping of the Membership Medal
in the Year 2015