GOD’s regards!

What I would like to tell you – I mean, you are entitled to know how GOD works with a poor human being. For many years I have been aware in my heart of the fact that I am to found a community (religious order). This thought became ever more urgent. How many times did I think or say to myself: “Am I still normal? – Is this really GOD’s will? – Am I just imagining things? – And on the whole, how is this sup­posed to happen?” It just kept me dangling. Well, I left everything to GOD and thought: “He will plan and ordain it, if it be His will. One day He will clearly show me.” Then the time had come ...

On 19 September 2010 I founded the “Lay Community of St Joseph”.

On this day we celebrated st Joseph as nursing and foster father of JESUS. It also has a deep meaning that it was pre­cisely on this very feast day.

This lay community is particularly dedicated to st Joseph.

Its members remain at home dressed as laypersons.


1.  The members dedicate themselves to st Joseph.

2.  Together with this dedication and handing over of the Medal the admission will take place.

3.  The members leave their lives to st Joseph.

4.  They perform the daily act of abandonment to GOD’s will.

5.  They tend to use few words – like st Joseph.

6.  They try to follow st Joseph in his life of virtue.

7.  The Community works in silence – as st Joseph did.

8.  They make st Joseph known that it may give him greater plea­sure.

9.  The daily intention is meant for the Church and the salva­tion of souls.

10.  They pray a particular short prayer every day which everyone receives together with the Articles, and to which is attached an indulgence of 300 days.

11.  These Articles are not binding under penalty of sin.

The members do their best to make st Joseph known. For example if they meet people whose worries are well known: recommend them warmly to go to st Joseph, the great hel­per, protector and lawyer in Heaven. Afterwards turn to st Joseph on behalf of these people.

Should someone, male or female, feel attracted, they can contact me at anytime. People living in a more remote coun­try/continent, and unable to personally come to Rehe­tobel due to old age or for other reasons, can be admitted as “remote members”.

Sometime in the future a religious order will crystallize out of this community – GOD knows when!? Maybe I will live to see it.

With kindest regards and with the Blessing of st Joseph,

                  Mother Paula

On admission the members will receive the Articles, a picture of st Joseph with a particular, short prayer and a Medal of st Joseph. Members will receive a circular letter each month. If there are any questions, always contact me personally, do not ask a third party.