The Foundress

On 6 August 1938 Paula Schneider-Bodenmann first saw the light of day. In Martisberg/VS (Switzerland) stood her cradle.

Josef, her father, and Helen, her mother, were mountain far­mers and model parents. Paula grew up with eight brothers and sisters, of whom she was the fourth. She was a very cheerful girl, who really enjoyed life, though being shy and reserved. Very early she had to take responsibility, because her mother died at an early age.

After elementary school she attended a domestic science school for two years and later she spent a year learning how to keep house with an upper class dentist’s family in Chur. With considerable preliminary work experience in home nur­sing and in a hospital she completed nursing school in Bern successfully.

Her joie de vivre and enjoyment of life did not prevent her from following the straight and narrow. After many working years she married on 5 June 1965 and lived with her hus­band in perfect harmony. She became a mother of four sons, for whom she gave her whole heart.

In March 1975 her husband received from GOD the mission to unconditionally offer his services to GOD and the Church. Drastically and profoundly GOD intervened in their family. In June 1977, with a heavy heart, she voluntarily gave up her husband for the priesthood. She stayed for the time being with the children. Later she helped her husband in his mis­sionary activity. Since then she gives many people her advice and support.

Paula Schneider - the Foundress