The Holy Story

It tells us so little of Joseph – and yet so much, if we open our hearts that we may have a fairly good idea of him.

First, the Gospel of Matthew 1,16 shows his descent from the royal family of David: „Jacob begot Joseph, the husband of Mary, of whom was born Jesus, who is called Christ.“ Then the Angel greets him: „Joseph, son of David, do not be afraid …“ (Mt. 1,20) So Joseph like Mary descended from very noble blood. But even the noblest blood alone cannot provide a legal title in GOD’s king­dom. Even with his own people his noble blood could  not protect him any more than it could Mary from material poverty and insignificance. Only the greatest and finest nobility of soul could qualify the modest worker of royal blood for the highest calling. Not the descent, nor even the most distinguished one, but inner beauty and greatness will confer significance in the eyes of GOD.

GOD has already given us this extremely important lesson through St. Joseph, even before the SON of GOD made man was called the “carpenter’s Son.” Because the chosen people in their error paid more attention to outershine than to great­ness of soul, they not only underestimated the Holy Family, but also JESUS, the Foster Son of the carpenter of Nazareth. They did not recognise Him, yes, they even re­jected Him and nailed Him to the cross.

How much does the Jewish overrating of power and money cling to so many Christians of our days despite the SAVIOUR’s teaching and example!

The holy Church tries, as far as possible, to ward off this bad Jewish habit  from their children also through the veneration of St. Joseph. The SAVIOUR teaches that neither power nor money nor academic knowledge alone makes anyone plea­sing to GOD.

CHRIST had to come from the royal family of David; so it was prophesied by the prophets. They may have suspected, without expressly saying so, that He was to come from an impoverished branch of the same tribe, not just only His natural Mother, but also His foster Father. That is and remains a sign from GOD to the people of all Christian times: „Behold Joseph, the carpenter from the royal family of David, one of the greatest men in the kingdom of the SON of GOD in this world and the next!“

When the childhood and youth of the holy Virgin Mary show the finest and best things, we can hardly expect anything different from St. Joseph’s, too. These are not mere specu­lations. It is certain that St. Joseph came from Bethlehem and from the family of David. This also made him the happy heir of all the blessings of this house. In life he was endowed with the most precious ... more