The Great Man

The Church venerates this Saint especially as Patron Saint. Who else could it be but St. Joseph, who had placed his life entirely in the service of GOD’s plan. He surely  had a proper idea of the life he wanted to lead together with his Spouse Mary as soon as he had taken her as his Bride. But these plans of life were integrated into the divine guidance of grace and into providence. Joseph and Mary loved each other, but their shared love was to be GOD’s alone. And so they were receptive in everything to the plan of divine love. This readi­ness of St. Joseph and his virgin Bride resulted in many sur­prising changes in their lives. When Joseph of Nazareth noticed that Mary was expecting a child that was not his, he did not yet understand GOD’s working. The Angel revealed to him in a dream that Mary had received her Child JESUS from the HOLY SPIRIT and that this JESUS will be the Redeemer of men.

Considering such a message, Joseph may have asked himself whether he is superfluous now. Not so, on the contrary: GOD Himself entrusted His SON to him. He was to be a fatherly protector to Him. Nevertheless, the Infant JESUS, who only had one FATHER, the One in Heaven, would say “Father” to him on earth and love and obey him with a childlike love. What a wonderful harmony!

Joseph was to take the Virgin Mary as his Spouse in order to protect her in this very way. Joseph was to be a loving hus­band to her, bound to her in a true unity of heart, and he was to be a caring father for  the Infant JESUS.

St. Joseph fulfilled all this in a textbook manner. He was not a big talker, but a man of silent deeds, of exemplary service and total surrender to GOD’s will.

We need the example of St. Joseph, especially for our fa­thers. We need his intercession for the marriages and fami­lies, for the clergy and for the Church altogether.

The Creator of the world gave us human beings the com­mand­ment to work. With His grace and the example and the help of St. Joseph we can cope with our daily work and every­thing GOD has intended for us. Let us also always be thankful for every successful day. What did not go to our satisfaction enables us to earn precious merits which in turn we can give to someone else. And so the daily circle prolifi­cally comes to an end.

Words of St. Theresa of Avila: „I took for my Patron and inter­cessor with GOD St. Joseph. I often recommended my­self earnestly to him and I found that in everything concer­ning my honour and my eternal salvation, he rendered me greater services than I had expected. I cannot call to mind that I have ever asked him at any time for anything which he has not granted. I have never ... more