Joseph, Advocate of the Dying

The month of November is always dedicated to the Poor Souls. Joseph had a great affection for the dying. His Angel revealed to him how necessary it is to pray and make sacrifices for these people because most of them enter eternity unprepared. Joseph often prayed for nights on end to save a soul the very moment before going to hell. How indispensable is the help of St Joseph who chases away the evil spirits which otherwise drive a person to despair so that they no longer have the strength to trust in GOD’s mercy. Our eternal destiny depends on how we die: everlasting bliss or never-ending horror.

If Joseph knew that the soul of a dying person was in danger of not reaching Heaven, he did not leave her until  she had breathed out her life.

How vital it is to pray for a good hour of death and that St Joseph may be near to us. No one will perish who has St Joseph at his deathbed. Every dying person will pass away quietly and peacefully. I can testify to that by many occasions!

When the devil had to learn that a soul had escaped him through St Joseph, he appeared to him as a horrifying figure, as a dreadful monstrosity, threatening him. St Joseph asked GOD to protect and help him. GOD let him know that He was most highly pleased with him. Consequently, Joseph was strengthened again and gathered new courage so as not to slacken in his mission. When Joseph is present at a death bed, the Evil One no longer has any access whatsoever.

For his wonderful assistance on many occasions, St Joseph had to put up with many mean tricks from evildoers who had been stirred up by the devil. But Joseph did not let himself be thwarted by it from being of useful service to GOD and neighbour. – Joseph was often very sad, also for these people because of their wicked deeds. His Angel comforted him again and again saying that he should not quit his valuable service because GOD wanted to grant him a very special favour in the hour of his death. (As we know, Joseph was allowed to die with the help of JESUS and Mary, in the arms of his JESUS.) The moment Joseph saw that he could do a service pleasing to GOD, nothing would stop him. With great zeal he set about doing it.

His holy Angel warned him when a dying person needed his prayer – even at night. He immediately rose to obtain grace for this person by prayer. The Angel also told him that many dying people will perish forever. For this reason he wept bitterly and regretted not being able to attend every dying person. Unfortunately, many no longer have the grace to experience this nearness ... more