Father Joseph

For Joseph this was not just an ordinary title. This name had great significance and a deep connection with his vocation. – Joseph commanded and JESUS submitted willingly, this JESUS, to whom every knee bows – in  Heaven, on earth and under the earth. JESUS joyfully submitted to His beloved Father Joseph. For He always saw in his kind and loving heart knowing about the trials, hardship and duties that Joseph took upon himself in absolute devotion. Because the SAVIOUR came down on this earth in order to fulfil the law, and also the fourth Commandment – with the utmost determination.

St Joseph was allowed to experience a great grace. He had a major share in the suffering of his Foster Son and the many difficult and very sad hours with which JESUS was swamped from His conception until His death. Joseph shared all these sufferings and wept much. Mary often had to comfort him so that he might endure everything devotedly and in this way be pleasing to the Heavenly FATHER. One can measure the extent to which GOD loves His chosen ones by the hardship He expects them to put up with. The way of ways is the imitation of CHRIST. If we do not go this way, we will get stuck to the poor world. Joseph was tried by many worries and tribulations  and in this way constantly perfected his life.

In those days, during the famine, Pharaoh said to the people: „Go to Joseph!“ Do we not also have every reason to go to Joseph – the Nursing Father of JESUS? Have our supplies of spiritual goods not been hopelessly cut down? –

How often do we struggle in our spiritual dryness to pray – Joseph is a good teacher, teaching us not to slacken in prayer. Go to Joseph, if you are tempted, if you are struggling to stay on the path of virtue, to leave the tempting world behind. Remember that Joseph is always near to you with his unshakeable peace and calmness. He helps you to remain strong in the midst of storms. Although Joseph had not lived to see the Crucifixion of JESUS CHRIST on earth, he suffered much when he was still alive, because he often had CHRIST’s suffering before his eyes. And so we owe to Joseph a great share in the nature of JESUS CHRIST on the Altar.

„Thank, you, Father Joseph, for Your mighty protection, for Your great example of strength, of deep and grateful love, for Your perfection with which you coped with everything. Your life shows us what makes up the content of ... more