Reflections on the Life of St. Joseph

When Joseph became aware of Mary’s motherhood without ha­ving been involved in the mystery, his behaviour was exemplary bearing in mind his inner pain. Did he accuse or disown his Spouse Mary? No, never. In his eyes she was a Saint. As befitted the pious, faithful and just Joseph, he took pity on his betrothed Wife by making arrangements for their divorce. This behaviour shows him as a quiet, sensible, sen­sitive and discreet.

Joseph could not possibly know what was going on. He risked missing his assigned mission. Because Heaven had incredibly great plans for St. Joseph. So GOD came to his aid after such a severe trial. An Angel of the LORD was allowed to inform him of the Annunciation. GOD took him into His confidence. Joseph became the unique chosen one for divine purposes. Joseph was a man with a unique attitude in matters of faith. Like Mary, he said yes and unquestioningly obeyed the order to accept to act as a father to the Messiah. He fulfilled this heavenly mission with his life in the highest degree. Joseph is the Husband of the Empress of Heaven and the universe. At the beginning of this pilgrimage,  Mary’s faith meets Joseph’s faith. When Elisabeth says about the Mother of the Re­deemer: „Blessed is she who believed,“ this beatitude can also be applied to St. Joseph because he answered positively to GOD’s word when it was presented to him at that critical moment.

Joseph did not respond to the announcement of the Angel as Mary did, but he did what the LORD commanded him to do, taking her home as his Wife. What he did is the purest obe­dience of faith, that is a yes in a different way. You could say that  what Joseph did bound him in a very special way to Mary’s faith: he accepted as truth coming from GOD what she had already accepted at the Annunciation.

According to the Jewish custom, marriage took place in two stages: first they celebrated the legal betrothal (the actual marriage) and only after a certain time the husband would take his wife home. So even before Joseph lived with Mary in the same household, he was already her Husband.

Mary loved her Spouse because of his wonderful virtues and merits. She recognised how GOD was pleased with him and was therefore chosen to be her Spouse and guardian. The most holy Mother often talked about it with JESUS thanking Him for the many graces He had ... more