GOD Will Add

The name Joseph means “GOD will add.” GOD will add new, unexpected dimensions to the saintly lives of those who fulfil His will: the deciding factor, which gives all other things its value, that which is divine.

GOD “added” the life of the Virgin Mary and the life of JESUS to the humble and holy Joseph. GOD will never allow Himself to be surpassed in generosity. Joseph could likewise have said the words of Mary, his Bride: „He has been mindful of my humbleness …for the Mighty One has done great things for me …“ (cf. Magnificat)

Joseph was indeed a very modest and humble man in whom even GOD trusted to accomplish great things with him. Joseph knew how to behave in every situation of his life as GOD expected him to. Holy Scripture, therefore, praises Joseph as the just man. In the Hebrew usage, just means pious, a blameless servant of GOD, fulfiller of the divine will.

In other words: the person who loves GOD and also shows this love by fulfilling the Commandments and devoting their whole life to the service of his fellow human being is just.

(Josemaría Escrivá, excerpts from “Sanctifying Work”)

In many ways you can devote your whole life to the service of your fellow human being – sick or healthy. – Everything we do in word and deed has, after all, such great value before GOD when we do it out of love for Him and our neighbour. 

If we think and feel like this in our hearts and if this is our basic attitude, then we go  in the footsteps of St Joseph. He will support us and  lead us where he wants us to be.

Let us do our daily chores cheerfully despite all kinds of aches and pains, worries and problems so that the day may be sanctified.

Soldiers March in Honour of St Joseph
How many married men were forced to leave their families when they were called to do military service. Have they also always been aware that St Joseph was their safe protection and aid? Anyway, we can assume that this is the case with the very soldier in the following account.

The soldier’s name was Joseph and he celebrated his 88th birthday in 1981. He remembered very well his time as a recruit in the Spandau barracks in 1914 and told a 70-year-old missionary the following story ... more