Dedication to St Joseph

Hail St Joseph, You won­der­ful fos­ter and nur­sing Father of JESUS, I dedi­ca­te mys­elf today in a spe­cial way to You for time and eter­ni­ty. I place me ent­i­re­ly under Your pro­tec­tion. Let Your bles­sing hands always pro­tect me and all tho­se I ent­rust to You.

I ask You for the grace of per­se­ver­an­ce. Grant that I may share Your vir­tu­es. Pre­ser­ve for me an inti­ma­te uni­on with GOD. Teach me that pray­er­ful­ness, that pro­found humi­li­ty of heart, that per­fect com­pli­an­ce with GOD’s will, which You pos­ses­sed in such a won­der­ful man­ner. Also pray for me that I may be gran­ted pati­ence in adver­si­ty – an uns­wer­ving faith in GOD’s pro­vi­dence. Obtain for me an ardent love for Your Fos­ter Son JESUS and His most holy Mother, who both rai­sed You to such a high level of sanc­ti­ty. – Lead me and every one of us to gre­at holiness.

Beloved Father Joseph, pro­tect me in a spe­cial way and remain a good father to me. Amen!

Saint Bro­ther André, Saint Fran­cis of Sales, Saint The­re­se of Avi­la, Saint Catha­ri­ne of Sie­na, all You Saints who high­ly vene­ra­ted Saint Joseph and all You holy Patron Saints, help me and all of us to car­ry out this plan with joy and love so that the Com­mu­ni­ty may grow inward­ly and out­ward­ly. Amen!