Membership Medal

A very kind gen­tle­man had this medal cus­tom-made in 1975, so it is a uni­que examp­le. He has recent­ly died and rela­ti­ves of his have given me this very beau­ti­ful medal just like that, thus allowing it to take the path of its destiny.

I was very plea­sed to have such a memo­ry of this per­son. Sin­ce I was wea­ring some­thing sac­red mys­elf, I have kept the medal safe­ly and actual­ly for­got­ten all about it. As I was wri­ting down the arti­cles of the Lay Com­mu­ni­ty, I knew that the mem­bers were to wear a sac­red medal – bles­sed in a spe­cial way. Oh, then came the memo­ry of this medal. I loo­ked at it and found it won­der­ful­ly appro­pria­te. I immedia­te­ly loo­ked up an address whe­re they could be stam­ped in lar­ge quan­ti­ties. Now it has found its desti­ny. The late gen­tle­man will surely be plea­sed about it.

New Stam­ping of the Mem­bers­hip Medal in the Year 2015

This Joseph’s medal, which has been bles­sed by the Sword-Bishop with a spe­cial bles­sing, will be han­ded over to every new mem­ber of the Lay Com­mu­ni­ty at his/her solemn admission.