If you wish to enrol in the ‘Lay Com­mu­ni­ty of St Joseph’, plea­se regis­ter by fil­ling in all the fiel­ds below and cli­cking on ‘send’, becau­se we need the­se data to issue the docu­ment of admis­si­on. Your full address is requi­red to be able to send you the mon­th­ly let­ter and if necessa­ry, in case of an absen­tee admis­si­on, the Docu­ment, the Medal and Book­let of Admis­si­on. It would save me a lot of time and effort if the­se data need not be reques­ted sepa­r­ate­ly. In the box “Remarks” you may men­ti­on whe­ther you wish an absen­tee admis­si­on in case you are not able to come in per­son. We hope you will under­stand and I look for­ward to every sin­gle enrolment!

Who just wants to have some infor­ma­ti­on or to ask any gene­ral ques­ti­ons may con­ta­ct me at “Con­ta­ct”.

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