St Joseph

The Sword-Bishop says the fol­lowing about St Joseph: Ever­ything the Church has so far defi­ned, spo­ken, cele­bra­ted about St Joseph is dust com­pa­red to his great­ness and glo­ry. Joseph was the Guar­di­an of the grea­test secret on earth, of the grea­test tre­a­su­re that GOD pos­ses­sed on earth at the time. He was the man of the house over Mary and JESUS. He was the head of the fami­ly accord­ing to Jewish law.

The Head of the Holy Fami­ly
Why, do you sup­po­se, did GOD place Mary by the side of this man? That peop­le might not see that this Child was not con­cei­ved under nor­mal cir­cum­s­tan­ces. If she had been with the Child without a hus­band, she would have been stoned accord­ing to the Jewish cus­tom. The­re­fo­re, GOD gave her a hus­band and this man had to be such that peop­le could assu­me that he is the father of this Child. Joseph would have to be at an age that matched Mary’s, becau­se Mary was very young and beau­ti­ful right down to her fin­ger­tips. Ever­ything was pure beau­ty as GOD had desi­gned it. He would surely not have given her an old man at her side, a grey old man with a tuft of hair. Joseph was not an old man, as he is often depic­ted, with pla­ne and saw in his hands, loo­king out into the world. He was a hand­so­me, intel­li­gent and cle­ver human. He was the spit­ting image of the SAVIOUR.

Joseph Has All the Aut­ho­ri­ty with GOD
Joseph is glo­ri­fied in Hea­ven as Father, as Nur­sing and Fos­ter Father. GOD gran­ted him a posi­ti­on as no other Saint pos­ses­ses. He is grea­ter than any Saint in his own way, with the excep­ti­on of Mary. Joseph has recei­ved a patro­na­ge over ever­ything. He has all the aut­ho­ri­ty with GOD. St Joseph appeared so often, espe­cial­ly in poor con­vents. He stood the­re with food, with fruits that were not of this world, nor from Hea­ven, but from Para­di­se. Joseph always appears in body, as do JESUS and Mary. So GOD took him up to Hea­ven body and soul as well, and he is Abo­ve with a glo­ri­fied body. Even­tual­ly the Church will under­stand or grasp it and announ­ce it publicly. Joseph is much grea­ter than we think.


Joseph’s Power of Inter­ces­si­on
You, fema­le bein­gs, you mother­ly bein­gs, take advan­ta­ge of Joseph for your­sel­ves; obtain for your­sel­ves this tre­a­su­re chest, which GOD Hims­elf fil­led up. In Hea­ven, Joseph has the same rights as he had in the litt­le house in Naza­reth. Yes, he has even more rights becau­se ever­ything done on earth will beco­me grea­ter, more power­ful in Hea­ven. JESUS would like to glo­ri­fy him, for the very rea­son that he is still so unknown. Express your wis­hes to St Joseph. If you have pro­blems with your hus­bands, take this bri­de­groom. He can achie­ve a lot in your mar­ria­ge. You men, seek him, St Joseph, becau­se mar­ria­ge is not a pri­va­te mat­ter – it is a Sacra­ment; and a Sacra­ment must be ful­fil­led as GOD wills it, other­wi­se it is a sacrilege.

Peop­le who strugg­le with puri­ty should take St Joseph as an ide­al examp­le and help. Joseph did not have the sligh­test impu­re thought in all his life. Bes­i­de Mary, the most purest crea­tu­re, GOD wan­ted to have her Spou­se to be abso­lute­ly pure and holy. The admi­ra­ble thing about Joseph is: he was a human being like us. He did not have the­se pri­vi­le­ged gifts of grace as the Mother of GOD had.

Nove­na to St Joseph

St Joseph at the Divi­ne Thro­ne
On earth, Joseph, Mary and JESUS were tied tog­e­ther by GOD by a firm bond and remain so fore­ver in Hea­ven. It can­not be that after death they just sepa­ra­ted and that, now, Joseph is some­whe­re around in Hea­ven like some or other Saint. No! I qui­te often see St Joseph tog­e­ther with his Spou­se Mary stan­ding at the divi­ne thro­ne of their Son JESUS, some­ti­mes behind the thro­ne slight­ly to the side or step­ping a litt­le for­wards. He some­ti­mes whis­pers to his Son: “Oh, plea­se do grant this request!” and the SAVIOUR loo­ks at him smi­ling: “You are right, also for you the­re is not much to be plea­sed about loo­king down on the earth. – It is all right, let it be done!”

So turn to St Joseph for help – he is an all-round helper!