The Foundress

On 6 August 1938 I, Pau­la Schnei­der-Boden­mann, first saw the light of day. In Martisberg/Valais (Switz­er­land) stood my cradle.


Josef, my father, and Helen, my mother, were moun­tain far­mers and model par­ents. I grew up with eight bro­thers and sis­ters, of whom I was the fourth. I was a very cheer­ful girl, who real­ly enjoy­ed life, though being shy and reser­ved. Very ear­ly I had to take respon­si­bi­li­ty, becau­se my mother died at an ear­ly age.

After ele­men­ta­ry school I atten­ded a domestic sci­ence school for two years and later I spent a year lear­ning how to keep house with an upper class dentist’s fami­ly in Chur. With con­si­derable preli­mi­na­ry work expe­ri­ence in home nur­sing and in a hos­pi­tal I com­ple­ted nur­sing school in Bern successfully.

y joie de viv­re and enjoy­ment of life did not pre­vent me from fol­lowing the strai­ght and nar­row. After many working years I mar­ried on 5 June 1965 Niko­laus Schnei­der from Oberriet/St Gall, with whom I lived in per­fect har­mo­ny. I beca­me a mother of four sons, for whom I gave my who­le heart, even still today. 


In March 1975 my hus­band recei­ved from GOD the mis­si­on to uncon­di­tio­nal­ly offer his ser­vices to GOD and the Church. Drasti­cal­ly and pro­found­ly GOD inter­ven­ed in our fami­ly. In June 1977, with a hea­vy heart, I vol­un­ta­ri­ly gave up my hus­band for the priesthood. 


Every day I now sup­port my hus­band, the Sword-Bishop, in his hea­vy cal­ling as GOD’s Instru­ment. He appoin­ted me as spi­ri­tu­al Mother and thus I share my life with my hus­band, child­ren and many spi­ri­tu­al children.

Mother Pau­la

Monthly Letter

of the Lay Com­mu­ni­ty
of St Joseph