The Holy Rosary of Saint Joseph

Anyo­ne who wants to vene­ra­te St Joseph can also plea­se him by pray­ing the Rosa­ry. The­re is also an audio record­ing of it (in Ger­man) in which the Sword-Bishop is lea­ding the pray­er. To be obtai­ned at

To begin with:

In the Name of the FATHER and of the SOHN and of the HOLY GHOST. Amen!

Apostles’ Creed:

I belie­ve in GOD, the FATHER Almigh­ty, Creator of Hea­ven and earth, and in JESUS CHRIST, His only-begot­ten SON, who was con­cei­ved by the HOLY GHOST, born of MARY, the Vir­gin, suf­fe­red under Pon­ti­us Pila­te, was cru­ci­fied, died and was buried, He descen­ded into hell, the third day He rose again from the dead, He ascen­ded into Hea­ven, sits at the right hand of the FATHER in com­mu­ni­on with the HOLY GHOST, from thence He shall come, to judge the living and the dead.

I belie­ve in the HOLY GHOST, the LORD and Giver of life, who, like the FATHER and the SON, is ado­red and glo­ri­fied.

I belie­ve in the one, holy, apos­to­lic Church foun­ded by JESUS CHRIST, with the seven holy Sacra­ments institu­ted by Him.

I belie­ve in the com­mu­ni­on of Saints, the for­gi­ve­ness of sins, the resur­rec­tion of the fle­sh, and the life of the world to come. Amen!

Glo­ry be to the FATHER, to the SON, to the HOLY GHOST, as it was in the begin­ning, is now and always and to eter­ni­ty. Amen!

Our FATHER, You who are in Hea­ven! Hal­lo­wed be Your Name! Your King­dom come! Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven!

Give us this day our dai­ly bread; and for­gi­ve us our debts, as we also for­gi­ve our deb­tors. And in tempt­ati­on let us not fall, but deli­ver us from evil!

For Yours is the King­dom and the power and the glo­ry from eter­ni­ty to eter­ni­ty. Amen!

The first three “Hail You, Saint Joseph” with the following additions:

Hail You, Saint Joseph, beloved Fos­ter Father of JESUS CHRIST and and GOD-cho­sen Spou­se of Mary. You are full of graces becau­se the LORD is with You, You Bles­sed One amongst the Saints, and bles­sed is Your Fos­ter Son, JESUS:

  • Prai­sed be GOD the FATHER, who crea­ted us.
  • Prai­sed be GOD the SON, who redeemed us.
  • Prai­sed be GOD the HOLY GHOST, who sanc­ti­fied us.

Saint Joseph, pray to Your divi­ne SON for us sin­ners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen!

Glo­ry be …

After each “Glory Be”: 

O my JESUS, for­gi­ve us our sins, save us from the fires of hell, lead all souls to Hea­ven, espe­cial­ly tho­se in most need of Your mer­cy. Amen! 

Saint Micha­el the Arch­an­gel, with Your light enligh­ten us!
Saint Micha­el the Arch­an­gel, with Your wings pro­tect us!
Saint Micha­el the Arch­an­gel, with Your sword defend and save us. Amen!

First fiver:
Our FATHER, You who are in Heaven! …
5 “Hail You” with the corresponding additions

Glo­ry be …

O my JESUS …

Saint Micha­el the Archangel …

The second up to the fifth fiver follow likewise.


*  *  *

The Joy­ful Mysteries

  • Whom You, Saint Joseph, have expec­ted in father­ly joy
  • For who­se birth You pro­vi­ded father­ly care
  • Whom You, Saint Joseph, full of joy car­ri­ed in Your father­ly arms
  • Whom You, too, Saint Joseph, offe­red up in the Temple
  • Whom You, Saint Joseph, with Mary found again in the Temple

Freu­den­rei­cher Rosenkranz

  • Den Du, hei­li­ger Josef, in väter­li­cher Freu­de erwar­tet hast
  • Für des­sen Geburt Du väter­li­che Vor­sor­ge trafst
  • Den Du, hei­li­ger Josef, voll Freu­de in Dei­nen väter­li­chen Armen trugst
  • Den Du, hei­li­ger Josef, im Tem­pel mit­auf­ge­op­fert hast
  • Den Du, hei­li­ger Josef, im Tem­pel mit Maria wie­der­ge­fun­den hast

The Sor­row­ful Mysteries

  • Who swea­ted blood for us
  • Who was scour­ged for us
  • Who was crow­ned with thorns for us
  • Who car­ri­ed the hea­vy Cross for us
  • Who was cru­ci­fied for us


The Glo­rious Mysteries 

  • Who rose from the dead
  • Who ascen­ded into Heaven
  • Who sent us the HOLY GHOST
  • Who recei­ved You, Saint Joseph, full of joy into Heaven
  • Who rai­sed You, Saint Joseph, to such a height in Heaven