Recommended Reading

I can most warm­ly recom­mend the fol­lowing valu­able books and writings:

Val­tor­ta Publi­shing
PO Box 24102
Roches­ter NY 14624
Pho­ne: 1–888-258‑6782


For examp­le:
“The Poem of the Man-GOD” 

Catho­lic Free Ship­ping
9049 Gar­field Ave
Foun­tain Val­ley, CA 92708
Pho­ne: (866) 542‑6910

For examp­le:
Several works of Anne Cathe­ri­ne Emme­rick
The Life of St Joseph by Maria Ceci­lia Baij
Bro­ther André: Friend of the Suf­fe­ring, Apost­le of Saint Joseph

Berg­stras­se 52
CH-9038 Rehe­to­bel

Pho­ne +41 (0)71 / 877 22 22

Some examp­les:
“Reve­la­ti­ons” about the Instru­ment of GOD, the Sword-Bishop
“I Will Make You Hap­py” Real life advice for bri­de and groom as well as fami­ly life – Aut­hor: Mother Pau­la
“Inst­ruc­tion for Par­ents” Valu­able life expe­ri­ence for rai­sing child­ren – Aut­hor: Mother Pau­la
Pray­er Book
Inst­ruc­tion ring bin­der about Holy Com­mu­ni­on, Con­fir­ma­ti­on and Confession