St Joseph Oil / Medals

Peop­le often ask me if I can pro­vi­de them with St Joseph Oil with which Bro­ther André hea­led the sick. I have to order the St Joseph Oil from Mon­tré­al mys­elf. The­re­fo­re, I would like to ask you to order the desi­red arti­cles direct­ly at the Ora­to­ry in Cana­da (the­re are bot­t­les of 60 ml and 500 ml of the St Joseph Oil available).

Below you will find the address, tele­pho­ne num­ber, e‑mail, etc. You can place your orders in French and Eng­lish. Pay­ment by EC-Card, Mas­ter-Card, VISA and others.

Ora­toire Saint-Joseph
3800 Ch.
Queen-Mary Road
Mon­tré­al QC H3V 1H6

Tele­pho­ne num­ber: +1 514–733-8211 pos­te 2862
Fax num­ber: +1 514–906-1803

E‑Mails: oder


The Lay Com­mu­ni­ty has their own St Joseph medals, which are only given to the members

Anyo­ne who wants to wear a sacra­li­sed St Joseph medal all the same, can also buy them at