Novem­ber 2023

Time Hastens On

Time has­tens on, and as it wings its flight,
eter­ni­ty draws near­er day by day.
Say, does this thought inspire you with delight,
or fill your soul with sor­row and dismay?

Do vain regrets your hap­pi­ness destroy,
and from your bosom wring repeat­ed sighs?
Or can your poor heart look with peace­ful joy
on the bright prospect which before you lies? 

Do all your joys and plea­sures spring alone
from the brief space in which we move and live?
Have you nev­er known the pow­er and sweet­ness
a bet­ter and eter­nal world can give?

Are all your wish­es cen­tred on this earth?
Is Heav­en to you a strange and unknown shore?
Unhap­py man! What will this world be worth,
when life departs, and death is at the door?

Imag­ine your­self arrived at that dread goal,
you, hav­ing strayed so far some­how!
Pon­der and then ask your­self: „My soul,
what can a life like this avail me now?“

Your time has fled, your pulse has ceased to beat,
the pleas­ant light has fad­ed from your eyes,
an open grave is yawn­ing at your feet,
above your head no open par­adise.