April 2023

St Joseph Knows
How Suffering and Pain Torment People 

Mary recog­nised the sever­i­ty of his suf­fer­ing and ad­mired him. Nev­er did Joseph com­plain, nor ever sigh,  and nei­ther did he ask for relief. He endured every­thing with inex­press­ible sur­ren­der and great­ness of soul. It caused him great pain soon to be sep­a­rat­ed from his  most loved ones by his death. Joseph felt a great inner con­flict with­in him­self. With the love of GOD, he over­came this pain and sur­ren­dered to GOD’s will. In addi­-tion to her domes­tic work, the most blessed Vir­gin was con­stant­ly striv­ing to care for her dear Spouse with joy and to ease his suf­fer­ing. She was famil­iar with Joseph’s pains and knew how to help at the right time. 

She was imme­di­ate­ly on the spot to ren­der the neces­sary ser­vices to her dear Joseph. Cer­tain­ly, Joseph made great efforts to spare his Bride this trou­ble, but he was unable to pre­vent her from doing so. As a teacher of wis­dom and virtue, she also gave him unusu­al heav­en­ly con­solation, for she hearti­ly pitied the suf­fer­ings and pains of her beloved Spouse.

Joseph was sure of the love of JESUS and Mary, and knew that they would assist him in his needs with all their care, espe­cial­ly at the hour of death. For he, too, was anx­ious through­out his life to pro­vide them with all the neces­si­ties of life. When in Joseph’s last moments of his life his ill­ness became more seri­ous, Mary stood by the Saint day and night. She cared  for him tire­less­ly. JESUS also more

Monthly Letter

of the Lay Com­mu­ni­ty
of St Joseph