March 2024

Joseph In the Old and New Testament

Joseph knew the Holy Scrip­tures. From these med­i­ta­tions and mem­o­ries of the occa­sion­al mes­sages of the SAVIOUR in the inti­mate fam­i­ly cir­cle, he most like­ly knew about the mir­a­cles and mys­ter­ies of Redemp­tion and about the ture King­dom of GOD.

He had been allowed to learn so much from his purest Bride Mary. When­ev­er lit­tle JESUS lay in his arms, He gave him many insights into the glo­ry of GOD, into His FATHER in Heav­en, into great mys­ter­ies. Out­side the house, Joseph had to put up with a lot of evil, mean things, mock­ery, and deri­sion. Mary always saw this in her spir­it. She com­fort­ed him and asked him to always offer every­thing up to GOD and to bear it pa-tient­ly. This would earn him many mer­its and please the FATHER in Heav­en. Joseph always remained friend­ly towards these rude peo­ple or ignored them. He asked GOD to for­give them and prayed for their conversion.

In the lit­tle house in Nazareth there was peace, joy, prayer, har­mo­ny, and every­one lived com­plete­ly in the will of GOD. They did their work qui­et­ly and silent­ly, their thoughts immersed in GOD. When­ev­er Joseph came out of his work­shop, tired and hot on hot days, the smile of his JESUS and the lov­ing gaze of his Immac­u­late Mary strength­ened him in such a way that he went back to work full of fresh energy.

St Joseph longed for Heav­en. He also felt that his strength was dwin­dling. He always dis­cussed every­thing with Mary, who always  more