June 2021

A Wonderful Image of St Joseph

JESUS says: „Behold, today the Church cele­bra­tes the pa­tronal feast of My holy Fos­ter Father Joseph. As he was the Patron of the Holy Fami­ly at Naza­reth, so he has now been appoin­ted by My Vicar in Rome Patron of all of GOD’s holy fami­ly here on earth.“

At that moment, my spi­rit was trans­por­ted to a beauti­ful land­s­cape. It see­med to me that this must be for­mer Para­di­se. A majes­tic, holy peace reig­ned ever­y­whe­re as on a lovely May morning when we used to walk the fiel­ds on a Sunday. In the midd­le of this beau­ti­ful land­s­cape, a magni­ficent thro­ne was erec­ted, see­min­gly of the finest gold. On it I saw St Joseph, who had been wal­king up and down in this beau­ti­ful land­s­cape until he was ele­va­ted  by the Pope to this pre­cious thro­ne. Then came all the Popes, begin­ning with Peter down to Pius IX, and grate­fully laid their homage at his feet. St Joseph sat on the thro­ne in gre­at majes­ty hol­ding a scept­re in his right hand. In his left hand he held a shield, as the anci­ent war­ri­ors are depicted.

And the LORD reve­a­led to me that it was owing to  the power and pro­tec­tion of St Joseph that the ene­mies could do so litt­le harm to the Church. And be­cause the Pope has rai­sed him to the­se hono­urs, which are due to him in Hea­ven as on earth, his power against the more


Monthly Letter

of the Lay Com­mu­ni­ty
of St Joseph