Febru­a­ry 2021

The Blessed Passing Away of St Joseph 


Then St Joseph addres­sed our LORD. He made every  effort to kne­el on the ground, wis­hing to speak in this hour to his GOD with pro­found awe; but the most kind JESUS approa­ched and embraced him. St Joseph, how­ever, sup­por­ting his head on JESUS’ arms, spo­ke: „My LORD, most high GOD, SON of the Eter­nal FATHER, Crea­tor and Redeemer of the world, give Your eter­nal bene­diction to Your ser­vant, who is the work of Your hands! Most gent­le King, for­gi­ve the sins that I, unwor­thy as I am, have com­mit­ted in Your ser­vice and in Your com-pany. I con­fess and glo­ri­fy You, and ren­der to You, with a con­tri­te and hum­ble heart, eter­nal thanks for having cho­sen me by Your infi­ni­te good­ness from amongst all men to be the Spou­se of Your true Mother. May Your  own Majes­ty and glo­ry be my thanks­gi­ving for all eternity!“ 

The Redeemer of the world gave him His bles­sing say­ing: „My Father, rest in peace, in the grace of My Hea­ven­ly FATHER and in My own! Pro­c­laim the glad tidings to My Pro­phe­ts and Saints, who await you in Lim­bo, and tell them that their redemp­ti­on is near.“ At the­se words of JESUS CHRIST, the hap­py Joseph brea­thed out his soul in the arms of the SAVIOUR. The SON of GOD clo­sed his eyes. At the same time, the mul­ti­tu­de of Angels, who sur­roun­ded their King and Queen, chant­ed the swee­test hymns of prai­se with hea­ven­ly beau­tiful and har­mo­nious voices. By com­mand of the LORD, more


Monthly Letter

of the Lay Com­mu­ni­ty
of St Joseph