Jan­u­ary 2023

At the Turn of the Year

Look­ing back on this year,
my heart is full of thanks.
For every need, how­ev­er great,
in GOD’s love sank. 

The faith GOD gave me,
lift­ed up my glance,
so that even in the dark
I nev­er lost track of the SAVIOUR. 

It led me through joy and sor­row
and taught me to under­stand
that only in trust in GOD
should you go all your ways. 

So I was often full of mirth,
enjoy­ing sun­ny heights
and nev­er was I sad,
when things did go awry. 

There­fore, with silent thanks
I place into GOD’s hand
all that this year brought me
in hard­ship and in happiness.

(Josef Hüt­tner)

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Monthly Letter

of the Lay Com­mu­ni­ty
of St Joseph