Sep­tem­ber 2021


St Joseph –

Not Only JESUS’ Father, Also Our Father

Let us thank GOD that we can address St Joseph also as Father. The won­der­ful St Joseph, so com­ple­te­ly chas­te and pure – so worthy to car­ry the Infant JESUS on his arms, to pro­tect, to caress, to rock Him to sleep, to lis-ten to His divi­ne teachings.

He hel­ps us to have the right rela­ti­ons­hip with GOD and our fel­low men and thus to beco­me bet­ter Chris­ti­ans.  He also hel­ps us to keep – with much pati­ence and un­der­standing – the inter­per­so­nal rela­ti­ons­hips in balan­ce. St Joseph is also a gre­at help in sen­sing and reco­gnis­ing the ways of GOD – in pray­er, in con­tem­pla­ti­on, in devo­tion, in silence – and in being tog­e­ther with Him. Let us often put our­sel­ves in his pre­sence, let us keep in mind his modest, hum­ble life, let us be vigi­lant that no shadow clouds our visi­on of St Joseph. If we fol­low in his foot­steps, we will have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to make gre­at pro­gress in the vir­tu­es. 

Love St Joseph – love him with all your heart. How many times has he given you a silent hel­ping hand? How many minor and major pro­blems or silent mat­ters has he sol­ved without you knowing it, or the day just went well, or the­re was just enough time, alt­hough you thought that you would not mana­ge. This is St Joseph: all-round – also Mary and your Guar­di­an Angel. It is sim­ply immea­sura­ble and tre­men­dous what they do for us! 

Joseph is enti­t­led to our love, moreo­ver, it is very im­portant to asso­cia­te more


Monthly Letter

of the Lay Com­mu­ni­ty
of St Joseph