Joseph with Mary under the Cross

„And when I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw all people to Myself.“ (Words of JESUS) At the Cross He ran­somed us with His terrible, bitter suffering, His Precious Blood, He gave us back our dignity as GOD’s children.

Joseph had to carry a very heavy cross, besides the per­se­cu­tions and slander of many people in his life. After  all, he knew from Holy Scripture that the Messiah would come and not be idle. He knew that He would be sentenced to death on the Cross. This thought weighed him down day after day and throughout the nights. It was so anguishing and de­pres­sing for him. If he had not been able to talk about it with his most holy Spouse, who  always comforted him a lot, who opened his eyes to the infinite merits and who re­mem­bered him in her silent prayers, he would have died of it.

How often did he faint because he could not sleep nor relish food because of the pain. St. Joseph wore himself out in his work, in his love and in an immeasurable sorrow for his loved ones.

In the last days before his death his soul, his spirit, his body were virtually transparent due to his holiness. As Mary said, he left this earth in an angel-like state.

Now he was allowed to see from the heavenly glory how rich his own life had been, how endlessly fruit-ful the life of JESUS is on earth, a mere life of suffering and cross-bearing, and His purpose is to snatch men from the darkness of hell with His death on the Cross, with His Precious Blood.

Joseph was waiting for his loved ones at Golgotha. Spiritually he was with Mary under the Cross, he supported and com­forted her. Joseph saw what an incomprehensible legacy his beloved JESUS left us – for all times. The greatest, the truest, the holiest, the only and the most mysterious one: the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, the institution of which we have the privilege to celebrate on Holy Thursday.

Words will always fail us humans to fittingly thank for it be­cause we cannot grasp it. GOD will give only to very humble souls a deeper insight. We should at least appreciate it, be thankful and not ... more