Joseph Wishes the Salvation of Men

Many times GOD revealed Himself so clearly to Joseph that he understood many mysteries of the divine Wisdom. And so he also understood that GOD wants to be loved above all else. He was constantly carried by the desire that the Messiah should come soon. But Joseph did not know that GOD would need an instrument for this purpose, that the necessary maturity would also be required and the time according to GOD’s plan.

Joseph felt incompetent and said: „Oh my GOD, why do I have only one heart to love You? Why cannot all Your creatures love You? I cannot understand how Your creatures can forget You, the best FATHER.“ He already completely oriented his life towards serving the Messiah. When would this prophecy be fulfilled? He waited in silent resignation. GOD had promised him a great present, which was already very near.

Joseph was invited to the Temple as were other men  from the tribe of David. The priest on duty in the Tem-ple explained to them that Mary, who was also from the house of David, had to marry a man. All men received a dry almond branch on which their respective name was engraved. The high priest said that, at their prayer, GOD may cause to blossom the branch of him who was destined to be the Spouse of Mary. Joseph’s  branch blossomed. Everyone was astonished because of this miracle.

He felt so unworthy and yet his heart was so flooded with joy that he almost was beside himself with happiness: „My GOD, how is it that I deserve such a grace, such a happiness!“ Mary was presented to Joseph. The priest drew near and married them. Joseph’s heart rejoiced in great joy: „GOD –  You have given to me the purest and most beautiful Virgin. She is my Spouse and I will be her Protector.“ Joseph had already seen Mary’s soul in his spirit well before they met – wonderful and immaculate.

The mutual love and their virtuousness disturbed the Evil One very much and he tried by all means to break this peace. Joseph was constantly subjected to trials, which he always discussed with his Spouse. They daily implored GOD for the Messiah. They spoke: „If we are lucky enough to hear that the Messiah has been born, we will at once go ... more