Heaven on Earth

The Holy Family was the house of GOD, His greatest and most beautiful property, His Heaven on earth. St. Joseph not only held his protective hand over it by divine order, in it he also discharged his duties and acted with careful con­si­de­ra­tion and cleverness, his loving heart ruled over it wisely. GOD was very pleased with St. Joseph, with his mar­vel­lous virtues, his unshakable faithfulness; there-fore, divine Providence allowed him to take part in the mysterious work of Re­demp­tion. GOD directed his chaste mind, his pure heart towards the pure Lily of Nazareth. GOD put into Mary’s heart the pure love for and a unique trust in St. Joseph. Both chosen souls sealed the covenant in self-sacrificing devotion to GOD.

The Order to Flee
One night an Angel ordered Joseph to flee: „Get up, take the Child and His Mother and escape to Egypt and stay there until I tell you; for Herod is going to search for the Child to kill Him.“ What? The Almighty One orders His SON to flee? He could paralyse all His enemies with a single word and He gives His SON the order to flee? … Yes, and that is exactly what He did.

The Heavenly FATHER teaches us a lesson not to question Him about the whys and wherefores and the ways on which He leads us.

What does Joseph do? As soon as he understood what GOD wants him to do, he obeys. He is a servant of GOD. He can­not imagine being anything else. Count all the reasons he could have brought forward to make GOD change such a decision or at least give him more time. Joseph does not even think about it. He absolutely trusts in GOD’s wisdom. He does whatever GOD tells him to do. The true servant of GOD fulfils all the wishes of his LORD with a devoted heart.

The LORD’s yoke is easy and His burden is light. In order to lighten Joseph’s sacrifice, the Angel says to him: „Take the Child and His Mother …“ His only concern was to save them from danger and it gave him the strength to face even the most difficult hardships. The country in which one knows for sure that one has JESUS and Mary is no longer a place of exile – it is home. – Knowing whom he takes with him, Joseph does not regret anything he leaves behind. What a valuable lesson ... more