The Patience of St Joseph

He had an unwavering patience – when looking for a job – on his long and tiring journeys – with his fellow human beings; even with those who bothered him, or hindered him from work with their idle talk. Patiently, he waited for years for the Angel to call him back home and to leave Egypt. No one ever sensed that he was impatient.

Let us admire this holy patience of Joseph and imitate it, as far as we are able; let us at least always try hard. St Joseph’s patience shines with a heavenly brilliance, as  do all of his many great virtues.

Let Us Not Become Tired of Exercising Patience
The holy Apostle James says that only patience will put the final seal of perfection on all the good we do. (see James 1,4)

It is certain that the devil will try with all possible means to wear out and break down the patience of GOD’s servants. He wants to make us give up and wants us to not finish the work which GOD destined us to do and which often involves certain difficulties. It is beneficial to us to always fulfil GOD’s will faith­fully and not to lose  our courage and confidence, but to hold out in an unwavering patience.

And so St James summons us: „Be patient and stand firm be­cause the Lord’s coming is near.“ (James 5,8) Patience will last as long as  our earthly life, but how short is it compared to eternity! So let us be patient, because every day brings us closer to the LORD.

The holy Apostle Paul tells us that from suffering emerges pa­tience, from patience reliability, and from reliability hope. But hope does not put us to shame. (see Romans 5,4-5) And so patience strengthens hope and hope in turn nurses patience by showing it the certain, crowning reward.

Joseph knew about the shortness of this earthly life. But even if he had been forced to suffer continually and without end for JESUS and Mary, he would have accepted these suf­ferings in love. To suffer out of love for JESUS’ Divinity and the most pure Virgin was his ... more